Augmented Reality

Is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

AR is an innovative mean of interaction between your target market and your marketing and advertising campaigns, with an easily executable format of marketing through well designed media content. AR can be easily implemented to several applications, magazines, outdoor marketing, ...etc.



• To imagine new and brilliant ideas that lead to better world.
• To inspire life of humanity through our products and services.
• To invent products for tomorrow to make a difference everywhere.

We dream of being the first Arabian company to be the leader worldwide in creating and producing high-tech products to enhance human life and make it easier.

HoloSoft traces its roots to 2004 as the software development arm of HoloTeq when an entrepreneur had a vision for the business potential of technology by introducing new and emerging advertisement technology to the middle east market, Since that time, HoloTeq has continued to deliver innovative solutions to the Qatari and UAE markets.

In 2012 HoloTeq founder had a new vision of a separate development house to maximize the interaction between advanced advertisement technologies and indoor development for these technologies.

August 2012 we decided to establish the new development house starting from HoloTeq main branch in Qatar.

At the beginning of 2013 we established HoloSoft in Egypt to develop new products and enhance existing ones by highly qualified, enthusiastic, and ambitious Egyptian engineers.

HoloTeq is specialized in marketing and advertising solutions and campaigns. Looking forward to the new and special in the field of marketing and advertising is the key role played by our team to give the maximum results for any promotional campaign for products, or the services or projects from engineering designs, industrial, architecture, tourism, medicine ... Etc.
We implement new technologies in the benefits of our clients, individuals and companies, to lead them toward excellence in advertising and help them deliver and broadcast their message to the audience. We provide new ideas and solutions to enrich your marketing plan and strategy.

DCBEgypt Is a Licensed Direct Carrier Billing service provider intending to deliver the best digital/online shopping experience to internet & mobile Users, Merchants and Partners.
Our Slogan is "Payment On The Go" which means; simplifying the process of online/digital payments for users and merchants to create a better user experience and to maximize the merchant's revenue through strategically developed easy to integrate payment method, hence, increasing the average revenue per user significantly, attract new customers, realize a broader reach and enhance the user experience.

BioBusiness is a newly established R&D center for design, prototyping and development of Medical Equipment. The current main facility is the R&D center located in the Haram District, Cairo, Egypt.
In accordance with the Millennium Development Goals, BioBusiness is seeking to provide better healthcare standards for the Pan-Arab region. Reducing child mortality and improving maternal health could be achieved by providing affordable healthcare, using state-of-the-art technology, with locally relevant features and innovation.


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